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Wolfgang Dispatcher
Lars Yardmaster
Eric Westport switcher
Georg Third Street switcher
Detlef Harbor Turn
Harry Plywood Turn
Nick, Stephan Transfer 110 Transfer 190 Transfer 111 Transfer 191
  Grain extra
  Commuter 50, Commuter 58, RDC 60, RDC 61, RDC 65
  Through extras

I can only encourage you if you don't have held sessions. It's fun!
Clearance, train order and OS were given verbal only. But for a small layout this will do.

And the session:            16 trains with about 160 cars were moved

download a video my friend Lars has made: 15 MB

The first train, an extra, was the Harbor turn with Detlef. Here at Third Street District.


Waiting at Westport for the next train.


Westport yardmaster Lars is watching his son Eric, Westport switcher.


Georg is busy switching cars set out by Harbor turn.


Nick helps his father Harry, responsible for Plywood turn.


Westport yardmaster Lars has some pressure.


A unit train at Harbor Jct.


That's what an op session is for:


More pictures at Georg's site




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