Freundeskreis Europäischer Modellbahner eV.


Lichtenvoorde Okt. 98


The trackplan can be divided in THREE Divisions: Pittsfield + Johnsville Division and Springfield Division. The first ones will be served from WESTPORT, the last one from P-YARD.

This means that the Local Freighttrains (LF) handle the traffic towards the resp. stations, while the Through Freighttrains (FPW/FWP) just bring the cars towards the endstations. This simplifies the placing of the cars in the stations: a car that has WESTPORT as origin station, but stands in P-Yard, can be sent out with the first FPW that goes straight-on to WESTPORT and vice-versa.

ATTENTION! To prevent a clogging of cars at a certain industry, do not send out a car unless the station master has asked for it! This can be done directly to the origin station master (WESTPORT resp. P-YARD) or via the Dispatcher.

The Local Passenger trains (1.12) from/to P-YARD has a consist of three Harriman coaches plus a loco. From/to Pittsfield Jct. a Doodle Bug, RDC or Railbus will handle the passenger "stream".

SPECIAL ATTENTION FOR GUESS JCT. Most of the trains passing the Triangle to/from WESTPORT. Exceptions prove the rule however: LF 2 and LF 5 and the EXPRESS train passing by directly from/to P-Yard resp. from/to PITTSFIELD Jct.

The Timetable is divided in odd and even numbered days. At first they're looking the same, but there's a true difference: The EXPRESS will stay overnight at WESTPORT and will return the next day, therefor changing the traffic for the LF 4.

The EXTRA train will handle anything that doesn't need car cards, like: UNIT Train, Extreme long/heavy Transport, Caboose Hop, Helpers, Loco only (Guest Loco) etc. A possibility to show your fine loco or special car(s). In short a flexible interlude between the normal sessions.

This is also the meaning of the SUNDAYS ONLY Timetable. In fact it's a short version of the other ones, probably a possibility to have a relaxed way of seeing one's special trains riding along the whole line, in contrast with just within one's own block, However only when time will be available. Placing/withdrawing trains is time consuming




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timetable for day 1-3-5

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Westport: Bols & Nuts  Westport: Pioneer Packing Co

Westport yard tracks  UP caboose at Westport yard