Jon v. Briesen aus Forked River, New Jersey, VSA schrieb:
Ich muß Ihnen nochmals schrieben. Ihr Stammbaum hielt viele Infos über die Linie Orpke --- mehr als hatten Wir. Vielen Dank'!!

Jon v. Briesen aus Forked River, New Jersey, VSA schrieb:
Hallo Wolfgang!
Gruß aus Amerika.
Nrs. 242 / 243 im Stammbaum, Franz Henrich Orpke und Anna Catherina Busse (zu Werl) sind meine Ur-ur-ur-ur-großeltern.
Orpke = Busse
Anna Sophie Cronshage (1) = Joh. Henrich Arnold Busse =2 Anna Marg. Elis.
Sophie Meyer zu Menkhausen = Georg Leopold Kronshage
Pauline Hildebrand = Theodor Kronshage
Gertrude Tallman = Ernst Hildebrand Kronshage
Ernst J. v. Briesen = Elsa Kronshage
Jon v. Briesen (*1949)
Mein Bruder Ted wird ihr ModelRR Seiten sehr gern haben.
Tschüß, Jon
ps: Was bedeutet "ICQ?"


Jerry Hartzler schrieb:
Wolfgang, Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for applying for the Smokin' Award(TM) AP. Your site has improved a lot over the last few months and I was proud to honor you site with a bronze award. Less than 30% of applicants receive an award so you know that your site was IMHO one of the best! Wishing you lots of luck to you and your site in the future - especially if you decide to re-apply for an upgrade .

Nicholas Kalis schrieb am , 03:02:43:
I enjoyed visiting your web site. Please visit mine. I noticed your posting at the Urban Modeler's SIG. Your photographs of your layout were great. I just hope you will not block your beautifully painted sky with photographs,etc.

Henning & Janik aus Schwerte schrieb am , 11:00:17:
hallo wolfgang erich kurt wir sind schüler aus ihrer 9. Klasse in Physik und würden uns freuen wenn wir mal in einer (Vertretungs)stunde über ihre wahnsinnig tolle und interessant gestaltete Homepage zu reden. Wir möchten mehr über den Modelbau von Eisenbahnen erfahren und finden es toll das sie seit so langer Zeit in diesem Bereich tätig sind und ihre Kentnisse auf einer Homepage veröffentlicht haben.
Schön' Gruß und weiter so!
Ihre Schüler
Henning & Janik (Klasse 9

Kim Mullin
Wolfgang, very nice layout and the operation aspect is excellent. We have a small group (3 members at the moment) "Model Railroad Interlayout Commerce Cooperative" that moves product from layout to layout through the use of computer waybills. My self in British Columbia Canada and the other two members are in the USA.
If you are ever interested in shipping and receiving from or to off layout industries?
Thanks again for a look through your layout.

Cyrus Walts
Hi- Just came in to view your stuff- new member of tabletoprailroad@yahoo
About to build n-scale 2x4 or 3x6 layout, double-dogbone if I can! Thanks for sharing your layout!

Todd Groettum schrieb am , 17:34:30:
Hiya Wolfgang,I enjoyed your site as it depicts an area i live in.(close at least)
I am glad you found the papermill information helpful.I just sent additional informatin on A large power plant 6 miles down the track to Bill Jewett.
Do a search on yahoo for Clay Boswell Plant.Its located in coleraine MN.
Blandin Paper has its own power plant which is hydoelectric.
The Clay Boswell plant uses unit trains of western coal.If i can help fill in any gaps about this area let me know, i'll do what i can.......Todd

Dave Zamzow schrieb am , 00:34:59:
Very nice web page. I wish my German was as good as your English. Keep up the good work.
Dave Zamzow
Fort Collins, CO, USA

Peter Thomin aus Egelsbach bei Frankfurt schrieb am , 16:06:24:
Hallo Wolfgang,
Deine Seiten finde ich immer wieder gut. Besonders gut finde ich die Weichenbaumethode, die preiswerte und betriebssichere Weichen liefert.
Ich hatte ja bei dem letzten US-Treffen Gelegenheit, den sehr schönen Bahnhof Westport Terminal zu bedienen und fand die Optik der Weichen ansprechend. Da bei uns das Thema "Weichenbau für P87/H0T und H0pur" gelegentlich aufkommt, habe ich einen Link zu Deiner Homepage in die H0T-Liste
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Peter Thomin

Fabio Haddad
Dear MrDudler,I am a visitor from Brazil and I would like to say that your work is fantastic,I am a new comer to the hobby and in fact I am planing my very first layout, thats I have to thank you becouse I have been learning also from your expertise and generosity.Congratulations Sir for the very nice planned and executed work.
yours sincerelly,

Guy Wilson schrieb am , 17:41:38:
I'm retired from the US Air Force with 4 years in the Army. I was stationed at Gelnhausen for 3 years and Bitburg AB for 7 years until they closed the base. I really started model railroading when I arrived at Bitburg in 1988. I had a 4 meter X 4 meter layout in a spare bedroom. Now that I am retired I've started my permanent layout. The overall layout will be 9 meters X 17 meters. I'm using Digitrax. (HO scale) If you get a chance drop me an e-mail.

Ruedi Steffen schrieb am , 16:06:30:
Hallo Wolfgang
bin beim Surfen auf amerikanischen Seiten zu Ihnen gelangt; toll, was Sie alles hingekriegt haben! Werde Sie weiterhin besuchen und länger hinschauen.
Gruss Ruedi (schweizerisch für Rudi)

Hans Klemme
Hi Wolfgang:
I'm in far-away Melbourne, Australia but i get to Germany once a year as i was born in Hannover.
I just have gone through most of your website and it absolutely ranks among the top 5 or 7 that I have seen and I like your guest book with some very nice site's and interesting layouts.
I have just started my layout room size 27 x 13 feet around the room with a penisular modeling the Pennsylvania R R and powered by a Lenz system
Best Regards Hans.

Richard Wakefield :
Very interesting, especially since I'm about 4 hours drive from Westport, Ontario!! Nice little town.
You may be interested in my reconstruction of the past at
You may also be interested in how I built a crossing with rail, added plastic details, molded it in rubber, then cast it in plastic and rail! Beautiful! I'll be posting on my site how I did it some time during the holidays.
Nice layout you have,

Jan philip klopp aus Monheim
ich finde die Anlage WT sehr gelungen. Einzelne Konstruktionen sind sehr gut und leicht verständlich beschriebenie Bilder bieten schöne Bauanregungen und sind auch dazu noch scharf was nicht immer der fall ist.Ich weiß aber nicht ob die Fremo-internen sites so aufgedeckt werden dürfen.
Yours J@ni

Pepper Kay
Hi Wolfgang:
I'm in far-away Texas, USA ...
I just have gone through most of your website and it absolutely ranks among the top 4 or 5 that I have seen ...
I'm just now laying out the plans for a 'terminal' type railroad ... check out Jim Senese's or Chuck Hitchcock's KCT to see an example of the direction I'm going ...
Should you ever get to the Dallas area of Texas, please let me know and I will arrange both some layout tours and some prototypical rail-fanning ...
Thanks again,

Utz - R. Kaufmann
Hallo Wolfgang,
da hast du ja eine interessante Anlage nach amerikanischem Muster. In meinem Keller entsteht auch eine US-Anlage, allerdings nicht in Modulform.
Machst du eigentlich operating sessions?

John DePauw schrieb am, 16:00:30:
Nice web site. I enjoyed it very much. The pictures are great.
John DePauw
Operating the EJ&E Railway in South East Michigan in 1973

Tony Hubbard schrieb am
Very Good Wolfgang!

Had a nice visit, thanks!

Hans Ole
Nice layout and pictures.
A lot of fine detail.
When i see things like this i get a lot of work to do on my own layout.
Your are now on my link page.
Best regards
Hans Ole

Benno aus Almelo - Niederlande
Nice site, and nice photo's!
Look at my photo's, you will find them under "Afbeeldingen" ... and tell me what you find of them in my guestbook please.
keep up the good work!
greetings from Holland

William Cleveland
Herr Dudler:
Visited your site 11/27/01,via TrainWeb! Very nice railroad, with great photos. You motivated me to get to work on my little garden railroad (Bachmann & LGB equipment and track(the best)).

Frank opitz
Fine work!

Just checking other rail sites. Nice site.

Robert (Bob) Gangwish
Great site and some fine modeling work. Thanks for the link.

Barry Bennett
Good to see a layout which is not US based, we Euro's can do as well, and better than them damn Yanks. You've got a really nice layout.
It's also nice to see some Fremo action, even if it does take for ever to load up. I have tried for some time to get people here in the UK to get away from the idiotic NMRA modular system but they just are not interested.
I had a layout called the Sabine Terminal Railway, based on the Sabine River valley, which is the real border between Texas and Louisiana, but at the moment have no layout, although I am still building loco's and cars. The idea of the STR is that the Terminal Railway was created to stop the Cotton Belt, Texas and New Orleans, Kansas City Southern and Texas and Pacific from creating chaos in the city by forcing them to use only the Terminal trackage.
All the best wishes

Bob Miller,MMR
Very nice work, you have done well having not been to the states. If you make it over, would love to have you visit.
Bob Miller,MMR
Kansas City

Johannis Likos aus Helsinki/Finnland
du hast interessante amerikanische Module,
weiter so...

Val Pistilli
Nice Web site. I like the fremo modules and the way you fit the modular style into your home layout.
I'm from the GATSME Model RR club. we have swapped cars in the Mailbox SIG. Thank you for the pictures of our cars on your Railroad.

Robert Müller
Super Seite! Weiter so!
Ich würde mich gerne mal mit ihnen per ICQ über Modelle unterhalten. Meine Nummer haben Sie ja.
Ich warte auf eine baldige Antwort.
Ihr Robert Müller

Frederick Boucher
Herr Dudler,
Fantastich model Zug! (Ich sprecken bissen Deutsch). I would like your e-pass. I do not have one yet, aber am working on it.
Ich habe der Jackson Purchase & Texas R.R. Would you like to exchange a freight or passenger car? I can send a foto.

March 15, 2001
Brian Brill
would love one of your passes

March 15, 2001
Dave Downie
Well done Wolfgang. I love the pictures of your layout along with the instructions on building turnouts.
Dave Downie, Winnipeg, MB. Canada

March 15, 2001
Brian Brill
would love one of your passes

March 15, 2001
Dave Downie
Well done Wolfgang. I love the pictures of your layout along with the instructions on building turnouts.
Dave Downie, Winnipeg, MB. Canada

February 13, 2001
John Griffioen
Great site. Keep up the good works. I like to have a E-pass from you. Kind regards

February 8, 2001
Hans, DJ6AU
Home page
none yet! but soon....??
Kollege Hans war da....
aber ich bleibe doch lieber beim amateur-radio, hi!

January 21, 2001
Greg Smith
Loved your site. I am in the planning stages of my own layout and find sites like yours very informative and useful. I have just started to collect E-Passes and I am planning on designing my own soon. Thanks for a great site.

December 30, 2000
Ray Brownbill
I enjoyed your layout tour. I saw your link from Marty's web page. Liked the CEW LCL car. I enjoyed your switch making, very similar to the way I do mine.

December 26, 2000
David White
Very nice site. I really liked the turnout construction page.

November 29, 2000
Kingsley.from DownUnder
G-Day from Australia
I just stop by your site again I like it last time so this time I thought I would sign your guest book, please stop by our web site some it is all about the longest trucks you ever seen in the vas Outback of Australia, all the best from the land Down-under Australia...
November 22, 2000
Jim & Margaret Mansfield
Enjoyed our visit. Really like your scenery, especially the street trackage. Nice trackwork!

October 2, 2000
Dave Inman
I just went through your site again, as I do periodically. I thoroughly enjoy it and the detail you have worked at. The pictures look most realistic. Thanks. Dave

September 30, 2000
Kimball Thurlow
Great pictures, good modelling!

September 2, 2000
Terence Tegner
Greetings Wolfgang. Please could I have an Epass for my collection. regards
Terence Tegner
Cape Town
South Africa

August 29, 2000
Oded A. Kain
Very nice site I love scratch building.

July 5, 2000
Michael Söderberg
I am a Swedish guy living in Malmoe, far from the romantic railway lines in South Germany and in Austria.
However, that's where my "railway heart" is sited and finally after years of collecting and "making- up-great-plans" me and some similair minded people decided to at least create some modules with theme from the area.
It was when I serched the internet for module tips I bumped onto your site and was impressed!
The work you have done with your station Naumburg is in the masterclass in my opinion, and I really want to encurage you with this small message. It's ART, not a toy train layout.
This is way I can understand the philosophy that "Fremo" has: Life is short, nobody can during a life time build 100 meters of such a diorama if you have a girfriend an some other normal things in life to deal with.
But to put all small creations together and have a good time of fun, that's realistic and possible.
The layout we are suppose to build is a "parody" of the "Tauernbahn", the branch line that becam

June 22, 2000
For never having been to North America you've done very good at capturing the look! You must have collected plenty of pictures! Please send me one of your E-Passes. I'll be forwarding one of mine soon (probably today).
Happy modelling!

June 22, 2000
Larry W Smith
Very nice website. Thanks for the e-pass.

June 18, 2000
Kevin Stroud
great looking Site, keep Up The great Work ,and let me take this time to invite you and everyone to our new online message board , if you are not already signed up stop in today and check it out ,
it is called railroad builders ,and we have a great time in the weekly chat session , so see ya there !
P.A.N. R.R. INC.
"The best Little Gulf Coast Railroad !"

May 26, 2000
Andreas Heuchel
Hallo Wolfgang, da ich ansonsten die Berichte der Modellbaupresse ueber die USA-Szene eifrig ueberblaettere, denke ich mir, nachdem ich Deine Fotos gesehen habe, dass man doch vielleicht mal hinschauen sollte.

April 17, 2000
Dara Legere
Great photos of your layout. I'll be back again

April 8, 2000
I enjoyed the web site

April 4, 2000
Destiny Altenburger and Donna Naumburg
Yes,my mothers last name is naumburg and I think it is very interesting wear we came from.

March 30, 2000
Greg Williams
Great site! Would love an epass!

March 29, 2000
Robert Ray
You have done some excellent modeling Wolfgang, and I'll visit again to see new changes to your site. I also would like to request an Electronic Rail Pass from your railroad.

March 28, 2000
Paul cassar
Enjoyed your site, would appreciate an e pass for my site and if you like I can send you mine

March 26, 2000
Daniel R. Marra, Sr.
I see you have made some new additions since I looked in here last. Very nice, and I liked your News page. You are really doing a great job.
I enjoy looking through your web page and seeing all the pictures, and stories.. Keep up the good work!! Danny

March 23, 2000
Jordan Gibbings
Clinton & Area Railway Co.

March 13, 2000
Looks like you have a grest railroad.

February 10, 2000
Marco Matthes
coole Homepage! Besonders die Eisenbahnbilder finde ich cool! Ist das nicht viel Arbeit so was zu bauen? Na ja, egal. Ich hoffe, das in diesem Guestbook html erlaubt ist. Bitte besuchen sie doch auch mal meine Homepage und auch ein Eintrag in meinem Gästebuch wäre nett.
Bis dann mal,
Cu Marco

February 8, 2000
Ethan B. Eilertsen
Herr Dudler: This is quite a nice site. I especially liked your layout photos, including the Southwest Nebraska boxcar. Also, the hand-built switch section was excellent. I do not have a layout now, but I will start one in a few years. My layout will be based on car-ferry and tugboat operations in New York Harbor between the Lehigh Valley and New Haven railroads, set in the present time.
Regards, Ethan Eilertsen, Berthoud, Colorado USA

February 2, 2000
Andy Dudler
I thought that you might like to hear from another 'Dudler'. My wife and I are the only ones in Iowa. Is it a common name in Germany ?

February 2, 2000
Hans van den Bosch
Hallo Wolfgang.
Visited your nice homepage.
Since about a week I have acces to Internet and from today I have my own Emailaddress.
Thanks for the email of last weekend
Grusse Hans

February 1, 2000
ruth hanschka
My dad got your URL from the pass exchange,and told me to get onto the Web and say Hello.[I surf much better than he does.] It's very interesting that someone in Germany would assemble a US layout. There is a Westport, CT, the state where I live, but I doubt it is a relation.:-)
Anyway, greetings from the US,
Ruth Hanschka
[for Richard Hanschka OV&S RR ]

January 24, 2000
Karel de Rooij
Hallo Wolfgang,
I was at your web site al last.
Downloaded the pictures you made from Fons in Unna 1999, I mean the digital pictures.
They are really great.
So is your web site by the way.
As you can see I've a new E-mail address, this is our private address.
May be, some time, I build a site of my own.
See you in Unna this Saturday.

January 20, 2000
Les VanBrunt / Gen. Superintendent SL&T
great website. I plan to book mark it and return often. I lile the e-pass..see my site for mine.

January 15, 2000
John H. Tews, General Manager
Hi, I am also a fellow SHIP IT user (just starting). My Timber River Railway was featured in the November 1992 issue of Model Railroader magazine.
Home Address - John H. Tews, W231 N7134 Waukesha Avenue, Sussex, WI 53089, USA
We'll have to chat on the SHip-It list. I ahd a lot of posts in the last two weeks.
Nice web site - Mine is just starting.

December 27, 1999
Ronald Halma
Nice homepage, looking good, gives me some ideas of expanding my layout, see my homepage. Got your adres from Fons Bossaers, who I know from our club and by Eurospoor99, where I met him for the first time.
See you in Unna end of Januari, Fons is riding with me!
Greetings from Ronald Halma, Aalten, Holland

December 26, 1999
Hubert Wetekamp
Hallo Wolfgang,
ich fand durch Zufall Deine Seite auf der Link-Page bei
Habe gerade auch bei dieser Mailinglist gejoined, um vielleicht etwas mehr ueber ShipIt zu erfahren, zumal ich es ja auch benutze - leider zu selten mangels Anlage.
Und fuer die 1:4 Gartenbahn ( brauche ich ja keinen Fahrplan.
Wenn Du wieder per email zu erreichen bist, melde Dich doch mal.

December 19, 1999
Ronald Hart
Exceelent site. You are an accomplished modeler and have demonstrated high quality skills. By the way, the Madison is one of my favorite layouts on the web! Yours is great too. I appreciate the industrial switching activity and your images are revealing. Great job!

December 13, 1999
Dave Connery
Wolfgang, Your web page is excellent and the modeling you have done is wonderful. Seems like you have developed a lot of great scenes since I last visited you web site. I am very interested in the e-pass idea but right now I have too much to do to get started on anything new. Definately something I will keep in mind for the future. Thanks for sharing it with me.

December 12, 1999
John Whitby
John's Swiss Railway Site
Hello Wolfgang,
Great modelling skills. The detail is fantastic. I will be eagerly following your progress. Keep up the good work and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

December 8, 1999
coming soon
Nice to see your website.

December 7, 1999
Bill Moede
Great Layout. Our family is planning a visit to Germany next year, maybe we could arrange a tour of your layout.

December 6, 1999
Dave Inman
Hi Wolfgang,
I thought I would look in on your site again and this time sign the guestbook so I could wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and All the Best in the New Century.

November 29, 1999
Jim Williams
I'm a friend of Harold Taylor whom I believe you exchange e mail with .In fact I got your url from Harold.I was very impresed with the pictures of layout.Well done

November 22, 1999
Léon Honings
Home page kennst du schon
Tag Wolfgang,
Danke für den link; werde nach deiner Seite linken wenn ich mal wieder zeit finde an meiner Seite zu basteln. Schicke jetzt übrigens gerade der Decal-test zum Copyshop. Mal sehen wie es lauft.
Schönen gruss,

November 19, 1999
Adrian Wymann
Great site - amazing modelling skills. Keep up the good work!

November 18, 1999
John Quinn
Wolfgang, You have done a wonderful job in setting up these pages. The photos are very clear, showing wonderful detail. I've bookmarked the site so that I may visit and continue to see your updates. The guest book is a great idea. I am finding that only about 1% of visitors will sign but it is always interesting to see where they are from and enjoyable to visit their sites when posted. Good luck and keep that traffic flowing on the barge. Regards, John

November 16, 1999
Frank Bertram
Hello Wolfgang
I found this new guestbook and I think it is a really good idea to install it on your homepage.
I hope a lot of Fremo fans will write in your book....
greetings to you and your family

November 16, 1999
H Wolfgangi,
It took a long time, but now you have a guestbook to this gorgeous side.
Und ich muss jetzt überlegen, was ich dir da rein schreiben will.
I don't know what I like better, your pictures or to go into the cellar!!
Was besser ist, weiss ich nicht, nur eins, ich habe selten Väter mit solch einem interessantem Hobby getroffen, die so herrliche Erinnerungen wachrufen.
Your daughter

November 14, 1999
Daniel R. Marra, Sr.
Your Web Page, is BY FAR, One of The BEST on the Internet. I have seen quite a few others, but none can compare with the quality of the pictures, and the drawing of your trackplan.
Well Worth the visit every time!!!

November 14, 1999
Charles Myrick
Hello I liked your site