Consolidate Code of Operating Rules - Revised 1959

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Universal abbreviations

BA Breaking apart, cause
BC Bad cool
BG Baggage
BR Bad rail (contaminated, etc)
CE Refueling (formerly "coaling eng")
CF Cleaning fire
CO Coaling engine
CON Connections Troini CU . Customs
CU Customs (also incl Immigration, on psgr trains)
CW Cold weather
DO Doubling, cause
DR Orders
FD Flagging / flagged down, Flagged at-by and for
GG Engine leaking
GS Engine not steaming
HB Hot box, give number
HD Held; order of
HT Heavy train
HW High wind
JO Engine failed and cause near as possible
MS Mails
OG Oiling
PK Inspection
SN Snow
SO Slow orders
SS Slopped or slowed at semaphore
SW Switching / switch
TR Transfer
TW Taking water
WB Waiting bills
WC Watering coaches
WD Waiting engineer
WE Waiting engine
WF Wayfreight
WJ Waiting train
WY Waiting conductor
X Extra stop order of
XC Meeting train(s) (formerly "crossing trains")
XD Time lost at flag stops
XF Express

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A1. Have fun!

2. Don't smoke.

3. Don't touch the models (use uncoupling tools). If they need a push, touch not the roof, only the coupler!

4. Run your train in a prototype manner, look for correct turnouts, derails.


...  and more ideas at the Housatonic site.

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