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Hand Built Turnout code 40

Now I've started to scratch build my code 40 turnouts. I've soldered hundreds of turnouts, and before I spiked them. Now I've a new challenge:

code 40 ! That's a good size for narrow gauge.

Building a code 40 turnout is very similar to a code 70 or code 55 turnout. There's only a difference - the rails are really tiny! You have to look twice!

I started with the ties. Those were glued with a tiny spot glue to the paper template. Then I soldered the straight rail to the ties, when I've sanded off the base of the rail at the place where the points will be. I made the frog from two rails I've also sanded to the frog angle. For this step it's important to use the NMRA gauge.


With the finished frog I solder the wing rails. Closure rail and points are ONE piece of rail. Where the hinges should be I've cut the base of the rail and made a fine cut with a saw into the rail head. This looks and works like a hinge but isn't!


Next step is the curved stock rail and the other closure / point rail. Now I added the guard rails and ready for testing. The throw bar is also a piece of PC board.


And the finished turnout:


Here's a comparison between a code 55 #8 turnout and this code 40 #6 turnout.

... and the stub switch to the lumber yard:


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