Pizza Layout

Oct 2005

Looking from time to time in the Small Layout Scrapbook, I wanted to build a small layout. Now, I've build an engine ELNA but I've no layout for this engine. My German station Naumburg is stored under my Westport Terminal layout. So I decided to build a Pizza layout. There this little engine has some track where she can puff and hiss (she's with sound). Radius is 22cm (8.7''), I have to widen the gauge, that means hand lay the track. That's familiar to me. Here're the first steps. A base from plywood with bracing carries Styrodur, some foam core. Then comes cork as roadbed and ties. Every fourth tie is PC board. Sanding the ties and staining is obligatory. At first I soldered the inner rail.

Pictures are linked to a larger view, click on them.

preparationroadbed and tieswith track

And a test run! At some places this 0-8-0 engine "sticks" a little bit.

Test runrunning

These two engines run fine!

shay44 ton

Now comes testing and adjusting. Scenery waits.

Pizza dough proved.

Fascia is ready. It was a bit tricky. I had to shape with my table saw grooves to prevent bursting. The fascia is made of 4mm (1/6'') poplar plywood. With nearly 60cm (2') diameter a sharp bend.                            top         

down undertop

Pizza layout - the dough is ready, now it must get its form and coating.

The styrofoam got a layer of tile adhesive.Then I glued the rock molds with plaster and painted them.

mit Fliesenklebergorgerock color

Next step: a little culvert and ballast (still wet):

bridgepushing bridgeinstalled


And pictures with some Woodland:

overwievroad crossingculvert

And now with more scenery, the trees are 25 years old, from my old European layout "Hennen".

arrivaldeparturebye byegorgeover the bridge


Through the woods!

ShayExkursion traingorgelast cararrivalstation stopwith smokeroad crossing pizza "beach"

Two train operation at the 25 years FREMO Anniversary meet October in Alsfeld:


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