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update July 11

Model Railroader provided the stimulous for me to build a trestle. That is where I got the idea for my first modul too. In June 1991, the first train was run on this module. In February 1994 the first fiddle yard was ready for operation.

Following an article by Bill Baumann in Model Railroader Nov. 85 I've constructed

3rd Street Industrial District

It opened March 5, 1994. In May 1996 I started building Westport which has been operational since February 1997. Westport was built following an article by John R. Decker "The yard at Westport" in MR Sep. 83.

My basement layout has been in operation since February 1997. The trackplan (and pictures) is provisional.

My Westport Terminal RR is supposed to have about 120 miles of track. There're interchanges with CN, BN, SOO and other railroads.


Layout data overview:

Scale: HO (1:87)
Layout Size: Approx. 16x 23 feet, about 370 square feet including aisles
Layout Style: Linear Walkaround
Period / era: about 1970 - 80
Theme: Freelanced Private Roadname switching layout
Benchwork: Modules, L-girder
Layout Height:  46 to 54 inches
Track:  Code 83 Mainline and spurs down to code 55
Turnouts: scratchbuild about # 6 and # 8
Roadbed: 3/4" plywood and cork 
Min. Radius: Mainline 47'', branch 23'', industrial 19''
Max. Grade Mainline 1.6 %, industrial up to 5% (Third Street Industrial District)
Mainline: about 120 ft, staging International Falls to staging South Jct.
Scenery: Plaster, styrofoam
Control: Uhlenbrock and FREMO-throttle (Digitrax conform), sound from ESU and Quantum

Through the NMRA and its pass exchange program, I have made a lot of friends. I have been a member of a group who exchange private roadname cars and waybills by mail for some time now. The car owner will get some pictures from the car at WESTPORT TERMINAL RR tracks.

In 1987 I built my first turnouts from kits. The rails were spiked to ties with plates. The turnouts are hand thrown by a brass rod under the module from the front board. A on-on-switch was used for powering the frog and for the end positions of the tie bar.

Now I build my turnouts from scratch. I solder the rails to PC board ties. I've built my turnouts over module joints, too. In that case I first bolt the module together. Then I lay track and turnouts. When I've finished I'm cutting the rails over the joints and separate the modules. Even 3 way turnouts and crossings are laid over module joints.

I've never been to the USA, so all my informations about American railroads is second hand from books and magazines. It may be that there are a few mistakes but:


Barge traffic: The only non-smoking steamer

Wolfgang Dudler

And now I've two layouts, Westport Terminal RR and the H0n3 Silver Valley RR.

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