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Silver Creek


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I like track work. With my finished station Diamond Valley I was looking for ideas. At our FREMO group it happens to establish a group of H0n3-fans. So I’ve made a H0n3 stub turnout and a module with transition track. 7272
I decided to participate with a small station. This station should have dual gauge track as well as narrow gauge track. This way I can build different turnouts. Scratch build of course. ?
This station could be a connection between the standard gauge part and the narrow gauge part of FREMO arrangements. So I decided to build a wye-type station with three segments.
This was my first idea:

At first I wanted the segments like my other curved modules, 22,5°, 2m radius. This are 785mm long trapezoidal segments. But this was too small. I “couldn’t get the curve.” The radius would be too small.

So I’ve made a test track. I made the drawing with different radii and glued to my templates the ties. Track is soldered according to the centerline. I’ve tested with my friend Friedhelm different H0n3 engines. They will run down to 400 mm radius, and the Blackstone K27 should make 18’’, but rumor says it will make 17’’ too.
I planned bigger segments, 22.5° but 1000mm at the long side. Just like I had with my Diamond Valley. Now the sides from one segment are 1000 mm (3.28’= 39.4’’) and 805 mm (2.64’ = 31.7’’). And 500 mm (1.64’ = 19.7’’ ) of course. This way I get the standard main line about 1,3 m = 4.5' between the turnouts. But for narrow gauge I think this is long enough.


I’ve revised the plan, added clearance lines (yellow) and lines for the end of the ties. This way I can see better the position of the crossings. I want to avoid crossings over two segments!!
And I revised the place for the station house. Therefore the clearance lines I’ve calculated.
Also I’ve added a fourth segment to get more scenery and the transition to the standard FREMO narrow gauge profile.

Dual gauge track will be code 70, narrow gauge track code 55.
Turnout numbers 6 and 7 will be stub turnouts.

Well, I’ve bought at the home improvement store the plywood pieces, cut to rectangular pieces.


I had to use my pad saw to get the trapezoidal and other parts. And here’s the first segment, the Trout Creek flows 4m deeper.


The other parts follow. And this is my “working place”.




The second segment is finished – with plywood.


And the last segment, a transition segment “joker”. Silver Creek ends with hill profile and I wanted a desert profile.



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