Wolfgang Dudler


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My modul Diamond Valley is build for FREMO. So it has a busy mainline.

To give the mainline traffic safety I decided to build derails for the industries.
The spur to the Bagel Bakery got a split-point derail. I’ve build it from left over parts from a PROTO:87 turnout. The manual activation is the same like my other manual turnouts. I needed a switch for the limiting of the way.

The switch stand is from Details West. But again I modified it to make it movable. You see my way at movable switchstands.

It’s the same method I used for the turnouts. Only the target got a blue color and a decal “D”.



The scrap yard siding needs a derail too. But this time I choose a Hayes style derail. I found it at ALEXANDER SCALE MODELS. I bought four, not only one. I think with such projects you need at least one set for testing.
At first I tested the derail at a spare piece of track with one rail. This way I became familiar with this device and a possible mechanism.

With this derail I run into big problems. When the derail is closed it looks good. But in the open position the cast block head protrudes too much into the air. There’s no more clearance for the engines. It nearly touches the axles from the cars.

My solution: without base!