Wolfgang Dudler


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The first structure was the scale house. At first, I prepared the place for it. You see, I've used windows from Grandt Line and clapboard siding.


For details I've used a board. I had no scale, but a lathe. Through the window you can hardly see the difference.
And I've installed light. A bulb just over the window will be unvisible.

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Next structure: Stock Pens

This structure cried for scratch building.


Staining and some work with the airbrush, Tamiya earth. And Woodland!


Loading ramp for the team track

This project was short but with a lot of fun!

Diamond Valley needed a loading ramp too. Sometimes arrives farmery equipement on flat cars which has to be unloaded. Instead of building a new ramp they bought an old used heavy-equipment loading ramp. Such a ramp described Harry W. Brunk in Model Railroader January 1990, p 122. This project is just suitable for scratch building. First I calculated the data like 24' length x 30.48 will be 732 centimeters, divided by 87 I get 8.4 cm. This way I got the main data and looked / sawed suitable wood which I stained at first.The first picture shows the main pieces. Then I made the vertical short support timbers. This required a bit sanding.


Next part was fun, drilling holes and inserting the nut-bolt-washers and drift bolts.


At the top timbers I countersunk the nut-bolt-washers. That means I drilled the usual small hole and then a wider hole for the NBW. I don't count them.


Next step were the three spreader timbers, 1.9 cm long. ( 1.9cm x 87 = 165cm = 5' 5''). The angle plates are from brass sheet stripes. For the tie rods I used turnbuckles from CUSTOM FINISHES; T165 for 0.015 DIA and Coupler Lift Bar Brackets 229-102213 from Detail Associates.


It's a good idea to let the turnbuckles really do their job. You have to rework the Brackets and turnbuckles with a drill and reamer.


At last I had to paint the brass parts a rusty color.


The ramp has still to be delivered to Diamond Valley.