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The first Cental Valley turnout for Diamond Valley is a # 8. This will be a curved one. I've made a template with centerline and glued with at few spots the tie base.


Then I removed a few ties and replaced them with PC board ties following an article from Joe Fugate.


With throw bar I followed my old way, a tie as throw bar: I drilled a 0,5mm hole through the points and soldered a wire into it. This wire is soldered to the bottom of the PC board throw bar.


I connected the points with the stock rails with very thin wire left over from relays.


This is a first test with the module.


But there was a problem. The attached guard rails give not the correct clearance:


We will see and test this. I've started with the next turnout, a Proto87 ULTIMATE HO TURNOUT. At first I glued the ties:


The work of the first evening: I glued with CA the tie plates and used the rail as template, guidance. The wire is soldered to the frog.

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And the next day, making the throw bar. I use a PC board tie and drill 0.5mm holes through point rails and PC board tie. A 0.5mm wire is soldered to the throw bar. I reinforced the throw bar with a small piece of brass sheet.


The points did not suit very well with the stockrails. So I had to sand the stock rails to get space.

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