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I run into problems with the "Throw-Bar". The "Retainer Plate" drops out off its place when I move the points. I use the activation from the end of the "Throw-Bar" at the switch stand. Well, I glued the Retainer Plate with CA. This helped.
Another problem is clearance, the points don't move so far to align with the stock rails for sure. And I had filed the points a little bit more to get enough room between points ans stock rails.

3269 3270

The next problem are switch stands. The "Pivot / Cam" piece moves, but there's not enough movement to push the points against the stock rails.

3271 3272

After some time I decided to install my old way PC board throw bar ties. This I did with all Central Valley throw bars. At first I removed the throw bar block, then I unsoldered the tiny wire between points and closure rails.


I've soldered the long head block ties to the stock rails. Then I soldered the points to the PC board throw bar.


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