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Diamond Valley


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Now I've started building the gondolas. Some years ago an interchange car from Marty arrived at Westport Terminal trackage.

So I bought some PROTO 2000 52'6" Drop End Mill Gondolas. My first try was with a candle and a hair dryer. I've asked for ideas at Trains.com and TrainBoard. There I've got some good ideas and prototype pictures. GONs


I'm not satisfied with this first try. But I worked on: Dullcote and chalk!


And assembled:



Back to trackwork:


And with some track at the end of Jan-03:


With PC board ties at the segment joint I have cut the rails. And track laying with segment #3 can start.


This segment was Sunday finished and I changed the segments.


And the last of the four segments was finished with track. The attachement from the scrap yard can follow:


And another gon is finished.


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