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Diamond Valley


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Now, March 2, 2008, all track is laid. I've changed all Central Valley tie blocks with PC boar throw bar ties.
Then I painted the track in three steps: mainline and siding ties, spur ties and rails. After I've painted all five segments I started ballasting.


and some Woodland


Track scale

The first structure will be the scale house. There's an article in Model Railroader Sep 02, p68 by Bill Darnaby. There's also an article in the NMRA Bulletin Oct 97 and Nov 97 by Pete Moffett, MMR. This article shows a Canadian National Railway scale at Fort Erie, Ont. This scale has only live rails! Locomotives must push the cars to be weighed onto the scale, then pull them back.
But with my scale the engine is allowed to run over the live rails. Engine is less than 70 tons (the weight of the gons), e.g. an GE 44 ton. For my old Westport I had build a scale with gantlet turnouts and scale house. This time it should be a little bit different. But again, the house is scatchbuild from wood. You see, the scrap yard can even work a night, they have light!


To give a older style I've airbrushed a light grey to all. But before I installed the window glass.



Benjamin installed the Loconet boxes:



Finished !


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