BLT 99

update 10-05


For the bardge traffic the cars have to be checked for their weight from time to time. And the weighcontrol is important for the freight rate. So there is a track scale in Westport.

I made the track scale (house and track) after an article from P. Moffett in NMRA Bulletin Oct 97. And I adjusted the measurements of the house to the space.

For the track scale I've soldered the rails to PC-board. The turnouts are not functional. In this part are already to many turnouts. To many could confuse the unexpierienced operator. And for me the project of a functional, digital weight (with energieless "living" rails) would be to tempting and there are a lot of other projects waiting for completing.

track scale in the yard   scale house

scale house big

scale track turnout   scale track turnout close


And with plaster I made street trackage. When the plaster was dry I scraped the plaster with a home made template. I made this template from the steel weights you find in your cars. I replace the steel with lead!

The template is curved, so you get a better appearance. There ist the flange way not so strong visible. The picture shows the colored street with track and template. And I've made another tool for flange way in turnouts. You can see (Pictures are linked to a larger view, click on them.) it has a nose for the flange way. But to the left of the rail head it is a bit lower. So you can clean the rails without scraping the street surface.

toolflangeway tool

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