Wolfgang Dudler


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Bundler building for the scrap yard

Next structure should be the bundler building. This will be a simple building of corrugated sheet iron.
But at first I have to prepare the base. A few sheets of hard paper to get nearly top rail level.
The rails should be paved. For this I used plaster.


You see the track is covered with plaster, a very thin one.Then comes my special tool I've made from a car weight.


With this special tool I scraped the plaster. This way you can also make streets.


I've painted the base a concrete color, added some powder for the yard area. Now the plaster has to dry and I can start with the building.

I've made the core for the building. I used 5 mm (1/5'') plywood and 1/16'' for the roof. It was handy.
This will be covered with "corrugated sheet iron" in the next step.The hole for the gate is bigger. So you will not be able to see the plywood at the gate.


Do nothing and you make no mistakes. I'm always good for an mistake. There were no windows in this building. So I removed a few polystyrene sheets and sawed holes for windows.


For the walls I mixed Tamiya blue with a little bit white. The roof was airbrushed with silver. And I glued the window frames in place.



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