Wolfgang Dudler


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A nice scratch build project, the roof needs still its color.


Bagel Bakery

For this structure I used DPM KIT # 103, Cutting's Scissor Co. I've arranged the walls in another way than in the instructions. I cut a few walls. This way I got a longer building. The back wall - at the module border - will be a piece of plywood. Plywood was the choise for the top roof too.

I spray painted the structure with redbrown. Plywood District in my basement needed a Bagel Bakery, too. Here I placed my structure at Plywood District.


The other day I filled the brick lines with very thin gray color.

I decided to use this structure also for my Plywood District bakery. Therefore I added more walls from a second kit to get some depth.


And I've brush painted the windows and doors.

Here's a first set up at Diamond Valley.

You see the structure without loading ramp. This will be the next step.


And a picture from the back side. This side will see the train crews when they walk along the outside of Diamond Valley.


Next step loading ramp. For this detail I used stripwood and scratchbuild it. At first the wood was stained.


Planks were about 2'' x 10'', joists 8'' x 10'', posts 8'' x 8'' and cross braces 2'' x 6''. I made the ramp so wide that the space to the track was used. I put a good amount of glue onto the module and placed the ramp. This way I got the height suitable to the doors. The first two pictures show the ramp at Diamond Valley, the third picture shows a second ramp at Plywood District.


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