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The Station

The old sold Silicon Valley had the station from Atlas. 1408

For Diamond Valley I want to build another structure from scratch. At the March 2008 Railroad Model Craftsman I saw "my" station. A station like the prototype but you don't see often. Thank you, Don Spiro!

Prototype South Shaftsbury, Vermont at the Rutland.

At first I cut the sides from a clapboard siding I had on hand in my storage.



Like you see, the clapboard siding was not wide enough. So I had to put on a small piece. At first I glued a bigger piece to the under side. Then I attached the missing board. When the glue was hard used the knife.

When it's painted you see hardly the line.


Now I've painted the windows and other parts brown. I could glue the windows at their places. Testing was done when I cut out the windows from the clapboard siding. Like in the first picture. I've inserted the board and batten siding like Don Spiro wrote to the sides of the track side freight door. And I've glued the freight doors in place. I've also made a floor base with different height for Baggage room and Waiting room.
You see, the inner sides of the walls are painted. If you paint wood on both sides, this prevents warping. I choose two different colors for Baggage room and Waiting room.

Street side:


Track side:


Now the walls are ready to set upright. A first test with floor:


Like you see at one picture, the walls get additional wood to provide a larger gluing surface for the ends and to give stronger grip. At the street wall and Baggage room wall I replaced the lower clapboards with stone wall sheets. Bear in mind the little inset from each clapboard to the stone wall. At the other sides this would be invisible. There will be a wooden station platform.

The first two walls are glued. And a small stripe stones is attached to the bottom.



Now all four walls are glued together with the base plate. Next step: interior walls. And a first test at the future place:


Looking through windows and door:



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