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How to built a working beacon light

for my GP 35

At first I soldered a resistor to the yellow LED for testing. The left LED shows how I cut the round head from the LED. Then I sanded the body till it fits through the bearing. LED and beacon mounting
Now it becomes difficult. I cut the legs of the LED down to 1.5mm! On this I soldered my relay wires. LED with wires
Here's the GP35 cab with a hole for the legs of the LED. cab hood

Then I had to "dig" a channel for the relay wires.

cab hood interior


Here are the wires glued with ACC:
cab hood with channel

This is what's the beacon light looks like:

mounted beacon light


Here you see the wires in their channel. I've placed the light rod with the white LED and the resistor. The other resistor is soldered to on wire from the beacon LED. Both resistors are glued to the roof.

inside: LEDs with resistors

Now the light rod is painted black. I didn't want to lighten the cab by this way. The resistors for beacon light and head light are glued to the top of the cab. inside: all together
This picture shows the rear light. For this GP35 I used a ZIMO MX61/N. This decoder has no function with flashing light. So I installed a red flashing LED in series with the yellow beacon LED. You see the red LED with a resistor.
The decoder isn't installed, yet.
inside: rear light

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