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Plywood District

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At the beginning, it was a bare plywood layout. In ancient times it was known as Pinewood. At first, it was Shay country. Then came grain unit trains. And now, there're industries!

ShayMRL grain unit KWIK-E-MART

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is the proprietor of the "Kwik-E-Mart" (a subsidiary of Nordyne Defense Dynamics), the local convenience store. Apu, one of the coolest characters in Springfield works as a convenience store clerk at KWIK-E-MART, which has Springfield's best known non-alcoholic beverage: the Squishee. Apu also has other legal and illegal stuff in his sortiment.


Well, all started with FREMO-modules. There were oilpump, 3'-bridge, Pinewood and pulpwood loading.

And if you look more precise, the oilpump is working!

oilpump3' bridgeShaypulpwood loading

The first segment fits between one part of Pulpwood loading module and Harbor District:


Then came the first industry, Westport Terminal Railroad Shops.

Shopsmore shops

These were the pictures on Sep. 03. Something has changed. Now, June 05 it looks like:

line to Harbor Districtshops

Next mercantilist was a warehouse company. They built a storage. I was intrigued by the article in MR 3/92, Hansen Storage. The name was a suggestion from my son Benjamin. He his responsible for the advertising of "Richter's Brewery", too.

the holegypsum


Concrete floor is made of plaster. The shell of the house is complete.

scrapingThe shell of the house is complete.finished

And this is what it looks like in May 2005, nearly all track is laid. And at the end of June the Mill is in service:

May 2005Mill

And now, summer 2007, in operation:

car cards for millcar card holderShop 3-way-turnout

It's summer - but the next winter will come!


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