BLT 1999


virtual layout tour

One day of the summer holidays. Little Joe accompanies his uncle Bob, a conductor at the WESTPORT TERMINAL RR. Getting up time was 5 o?clock, uff, at 6 my uncle had to be at his job place. Uncle Tom picked me up at home and we were on time at the yard.
track cleaning transfer caboose


The train was ready and our caboose, a TCTC got on the train. The engine was #512 like every day. It?s named after Robert Andrews Millikan, a famous physicist who got in 1923 the Nobel Price.

Slowly the train started to roll. We went through the yard,



passed the station and came on the main line. At the station the first people were standing, waiting for the morning train Bols & Nuts


The first stop was 3rd Street, the industrial area. A few cars were to deliver. Our train passed O.L.King & Sons coal yard, the cement plant and went into the siding. arriving at Third Street District


The engine was coupled off and run around. Now covered gondola CNW #89041 is delivered to McMurphy. I've heard nutpickers are traveled in this car! The tankcar was spotted at McMurphy, too. Switching at Third Street District


spotting cars at McMurphy


The empty hopper from the coal yard was picked up and coupled next to the caboose. Third Street District, overview


While the train was driving with the tankcar to Central Gas & Supply I saw an interesting bike! I was allowed to ride it. only for the track gang


 Then I looked after the street switching and delivering of the tank car. Third Street District, Central Gas


Third Street District, street running


After finishing of the switching work we had to wait in the siding until the line was free. Third Street District, yardmaster


First came the Mainliner, thundering past and then a unit train. I could count twenty grain hoppers. Third Street District, a through train


Third Street District, a coal train


After that the main line was our. And we slowly left the siding. Third Street District, departure


After a while we passed slowly a big Rocky Nose in long curve curve at Rocky Nose


Then came the oil pump. This is a very lucrative pump, told uncle Tom. working oil pump


Soon we came to the old station next to the narrow gauge. Here a few people were digging. If they were looking after gold, still? old 3' gauge bridge


Uncle Tom was looking after the switching list for Barwick. When I watched the line next, we were already at the end of our journey. The train took the route to D.Orf. Bakery. I had to stay on the caboose. But I could observe everything and take pictures. The engine pushed the train with the caboose first into the Bakery onto the waiting cars.

When we came home, I fell straight into my bed. I was to tiered to do anything else. But I dreamed of this wonderful day. I hope, I can go with uncle Tom again, soon


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© Wolfgang Dudler