BLT 4-02

update 01-09


A new staging yard arise under Westport

No longer point to point, around the wall is the new style

The plan [pdf-file, 300KB] shows staging yard and mainline as well as branchline. But not Westport which is located above the staging yard.

In the future, ten years ahead, it will be like this: plan [200KB] (Ten years slow time, In real time I had the new yard at Westport in Nov 2006 in operation.)

At first I removed the old Westport modules:



Next step, plywood



and cork

more plywood


here're the first staging tracks

overview, with first tracks


The first Westport modul is at its place, at height 137cm (54''), Third Street District at 130cm and 121,5cm (51'' and 47.8'')



50 mm (nearly 2'') spacing between tracks

track spacing



These are the holes for the throwbars from the turnouts. They will be coverd with the piece of cork.

holes for turnouts


The first turnouts, scratchbuilt as usual !!

staging yard throat


A closer look. You can see the throwbar - a PC board tie! The tongue is connected with a little wire to the tie and there the wire is soldered from downside.

soldering turnouts


This turnout goes over module joints. It will be cut in the future when all tracks are laid.

turnouts over modul joints


And this is what it's looks today, May 26! All tracks go over the joint of the sections.

yard throat over module joints


Along the mainline



and the track gang was busy

track without scenery


this will be a good place for taking pictures - in the future :-)

And this is what's looks today:

 track with first scenery

 the end - of the train

And the entrance to staging yard east, i.e. International Falls.



Interchange tracks

There's one interchange track between Westport and Third Street District with BN.


... and another at Third Street District with SOO.


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