BLT June 03

updated Feb 07

The "new" room

The layout is now a loop style walk around style. In this basement room (5m x 7m; 16.4' x 23') are the heater and water in a corner.
The staging yard - representing South Jct. as well as International Falls is located just below Westport. The trackplan with the new Westport, like it will be in 2006:

Industry spots (the red dots) are linked to pictures, click on it. (As it looks like in Nov 2005. Dots at Westport are linked with pictures from old (current) Westport.)

ZOOM IN or as    .pdf file (600KB)

for the industries look at industry spot list.You can test this layout design at Jim Dill's Train Player site.

door bridge
door bridge closed
door bridge closing

This is the bridge at the door entrance. The bridge is made of plywood and got an aluminium frame. The supports at the left and right module are also made from aluminum profile. There's one 4-wire connection for the track power.

Clearance floor - bridge is about 46'' (118cm).

train aproaching door bridge
Here runs a train across Harbor Jct. This train comes along the branch line and changes to the main line up to Westport. Trackwork at the Harbor District is nearly finished.
train on door bridge

Picture is linked to a larger view, click on it.

Today's view!

Westport curve

Here you see the first train over the bridge. The other picture shows a train from Third Street District to Westport. This connection was the last track to be laid!


But the sharp curve from Third Street District to Plywood District / Harbor District couldn't be replaced. Radius 59 cm (23.23'')

"big" curve

These two pictures are linked to a larger view, click on them.

Now, with the "new" Plywood District I've replaced this curve with a new curve with trestle, but nearly the old radius, this time 61 cm (24.02'').


The room as of Aug. 9, 2007. untidy as usual.

Westport aisleWestport  aisle
Harbor aisle doordoor linePlywood district
bridge track crossingyard bridgeWestport yardlakeHarbor oldbulk harbor

And the door bridge as of Oct 1, 2008


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