BLT 1999


Layout pictures

GE switcher #4 and "guest car" LCL 1 from the CE&W RR at Third Street District.

LCL CE&W 1 at Third Street


Through the buildings from Bols & Nuts, Westport.

Bols & Nuts at Westport


Switching at Third Street District

Third Street bridge, a favorite view

Mainliner at 3rd Street Industrial District

train through Third Street District


The last boxcar NSW 4021 comes from the Nebraska Southwestern.

It is his second visit on Westport Terminal tracks.

River News at Westport


Freight house at 3rd Street

freight house at Third Street



Mainliner powers from through 3rd Street while leased BN GP is waiting.

Third Street


The yard at Westport and guest cars WNR1627 and reefer SC&T 3238.

Packing Co at Westport


Boxcar GNR 95025 is waiting for delivery.

Westport yard tracks


O.L.King & Sons gets a hopper.

O.L.King & Sons


McMurphy and the freight house at 3rd Street

McMurphy at Third Street


Westport yard and Pioneer Packing Co.


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