Jun 2010

Layout History - What's New ?

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Apr 2011

The tunnel module, Rock Tunnel and Mud Tunnel was finished.

Silver Valley RR in operation!


2406 2648-52

Oct 2010

Silver Creek was one part of the layout in Zuidbroek, together with Fiddletown and Salina.

Horst Meier

Jan 2010













Fiddletown, a narrow gauge fiddle yard


... and a flagman, for standard and narrow gauge


Oct 2009













Silver Creek, a module with H0n3 tracks, is ready for operation.


April 2009

Second GE 25 built, the Grant Line kit.


Feb 2009

GE 25-ton is finished:

October 2008

First test run from the new GE 25-ton


June 2008

Structures for Diamond Valley

Feb 2008

Scrap gondolas for Diamond Valley

Dec 2007

The first turnouts for Diamond Valley, Central Valley turnouts.

Sep 2007

I've started another site, Making of Diamond Valley

July 2007

Westport Terminal RR is owner of 100 shares fo the Capital Stock of the Northfield & Wichita Railway Company!

April 2007

Building a Signal bridge

signal bridge
March 2007

Westport Terminal RR's Track Cleaning Transfer Caboose

Feb 2007

Another Op session and video site created.

July 2006

Start building Westport new!

June 2006

Third Street Industrial District site started.

May 2006

First FBL engine, Kato with ESU sound. How to - pictures

March 2006

Operating gates

This idea was published in MR May 2006 project illustrated

Feb 2006

I've started my How to - weathering

with chalks and felt tip pens

Feb 2006
I've got my LifeLike Alco RS 27. Pictures at my RailImages album.
Feb 2006
Another Trestle build, at a FREMO module. Beach
Nov 27, 2005
Westport Terminal RR became member #110 of the NARA, North American Rail Alliance.
Nov 2005
Pizza Layout, just for fun and running trains. Pizza-Layout
Sep 21, 2005
Trestle between Third Street District and Plywood District.
Aug 21,  2005 
Engine type ELNA 6 nearly finished.
July 16,  2005 
Four WebVideos are available at home.
June 2,  2005 
The last turnout for the next years is installed, with manual control. All track at Plywood District is laid.
May 21,  2005 

Finally, I've managed a new project: Art & model railroad.

You see "OPEN-AIR MUSEUM" with project "Three little engines".

Engine parkthre little engines
Feb 19,  2005 
I've sold the Pulpwood loading module, given away the curve and placed the 3'bridge and oilpump module under the layout. It was time to rebuild this part of the Plywood District.
benchworktest train
Dec 29,  2004 
Movable gates for KWIK-E-MART
gate closedgate open
Dec 12,  2004 
Movable switch stands, the first one: switchstandswitchstand thrown
Nov 13,  2004 
New page added: Plywood District KWIK-E-MART
Nov 7,  2004 
A new industry was built, following MR 3/92, Hansen storage. Pictures at Layout pictures 4 storage
Oct 30,  2004 
coupler tested and built for H0fine.
Oct 9,  2004 

My track vacuum cleaner car, WT X-108, made by the German company Lux and sold by MRS and Reynauld's has got a decoder. Now I can run this car in every train and let work the car when needed. You can buy this car with decoder but I had a decoder left over from installing sound into my engines.
I've rebuild my car for the Westport Terminal RR. I removed the bumpers and the German style car got grab irons,stir up ladders and and a new paint shop. I've added some lead. So I can change the direction at street trackage, the brushes won't lift the car easily.

Oct 2,  2004 
Westport Terminal RR is proud to have achieved the Smokin' Award.
Sep 29, 2004
www.westportterminal.de has achieved the City Station Award Gold
Sep 25, 2004
Westport Terminal RR got a new switcher, an old RS-1 from SOO.
Sep 20, 2004
New picture with pigeons added
Sep 5,  2004 
Operation with car cards & waybills: the way of hopper BN 25384
door bridge
Aug 30, 2004
New page added: FREMO meeting in Heinsberg
Aug 15, 2004
Atlas GP 40, engine CB&Q 173 weathered and with ESU sound decoder equipped.
Aug 14, 2004
www.westportterminal.de has achieved the City Station Award Silver
Aug 8,  2004 
First pages, interchange cars and car exchange with pop up windows
Aug 3,  2004 
25000 visitors at my new site, since Apr 2001
Jun 27, 2004
www.westportterminal.de has achieved the City Station Award Bronze
May 8,  2004 
www.westportterminal.de has achieved the City Station Award Great Site
Feb 2004
GE 44-ton from Keystone, WT 4, called "Henry" equipped with light and sound!
Mar 2003
First train from staging to staging via Westport and door bridge.
long train over door bridge
Nov 2002
First engine, 0-8-0, with sound.
Autumn 2002
loop style layout, start building of Harbor District
Apr 2001
New domain for Westport Terminal RR homepage, without advertising
Feb 2001
Westport resoldered for DCC, new panel, "Bols & Nuts" removed for longer yard trackage
Jan 2001
Shay got an decoder, with light and smoke!
Dec 2000
First sound decoder, DSX decoder from sountraxx for RDC WT 11
Jul 2000
WT goes DCC, white LED's for lights
May 2000
Intellibox from Uhlenbrock and Lenz Booster purchased
Mar 2000
The first 10 FRED throttles are soldered! DCC is coming.
Feb 2000
oil pump is working; RDC's painted; apron for the barge built
May 1999
engines WT 4, 16, 128, 256, 512 and Shay #2 and 8 WT boxcars in operation
Feb 1999
First Westport Terminal RR homepage
Aug 1998
A new layout: Westport Terminal RR
Apr 1998
Caboose WT 78 finished; boxcars WT 137 and WT 144 in operation
Feb 1997
Westport in operation, without turntable and barge
Naumburg is finished! Start with 3rd Street Industrial District.
New layout, with staging (front), Baunatal (below), Balhorn (on top) and Naumburg: Hennen - Naumburg layout. Hennen will be above staging.
Hennen - Naumburg helix
Naumburg goes in service! This was the FREMO-meeting in Bebra, anno 1988. All trackwork was done.
Catenary was built.
Autumn 1981
10 000 000th ballast stone was laid. Just next to the sign!
Hennen-Naumburg Börstinger Tunnel
A decision was made: H0 scale! Passenger cars from ADE were very important and a big incentive.
Again, a first train set. N scale ! It's so cute.1m x 1,65m
We abandoned the DDR and left all behind us, including the railroad.
about 1955
the 1m x 2m 0 scale layout was replaced by gauge H0
H0 layout in 1954

the first train set, Fleischmann gauge 0.

Picture about 1953.

Anno 1949


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