BLT 2000

update 2003


I built ten throttles, called FRED and bought 10 LocoNet boxes and cables. 

I bought the Intellibox from Uhlenbrock and two booster from Lenz according to the suggestions from my friends.

And now I'm installing decoders. But I do not only install the decoders. I replace the bulb with white LEDs. And I use yellow LEDs for working beacon light

FRED open FRED and box

One of the first engines was a Kato NW2. This is the engine you have problems to lift off the shell!

My engine, WT 16 named after Henry Bell got a 
decoder from Kuehn, a T140 with four functions. 
I used three functions for headlight, rearlight and 

The room for the decoder I made just above the 
motor. This is not ideal if the motor produces 
much heat. My other NW2 got the decoder in the front! 

I've marked the place in the picture with black 

Kato NW2 open
There're some groves. These are the channels for 
the wires from pick up sheets and lights to the 

I replaced the yellow front LED by a white LED. I changed it on the little PC board together with the resistor. I used a 1 kOhm resistor for the white LED. Thes reduces the current and gives a bright light. Don't forget to remove the current pads on the PC to the two halfs of the body!

Kato NW2 without hood
This picture shows the cab of the NW2. For better maintanance I used a plug. The two arrows show at the two plugs. They are made of IC sockets. 

Also you can see the white LED which I painted black. Whithout painting the LED would illuminate the cab! 

The two resistors are for the white LED 
( a 1 kOhm resistor) and for the yellow LED of the beacon light. 

You can see that I shortened the legs of the LED to about 5 mm (0.25'').

For more information look at
how to built a working beacon light!

Kato NW2 cab inside


Light in RDC

The RDCs got a white LED at each side.

This picture shows the LED with the shortended legs. On one legs I soldered the 1 kOhm resistor. I glued LED and wires to the roof. I used also a "IC-socket made connection".

RDC inside with LED


Kato's GP 35

These pictures show the installation of a Kuehn T140 decoder in engine WT 512. There's plenty of room for this decoder.
I shortened the ballast weight a little bit.

Like at the other engines I used a home made removable connection to the shell. This time I used a four pin connection: blue, head light, rear light and beacon light. The arrow shows this connection. I glued it with two part epoxid.

The thin wires in the shell are from relays.

GP 35 without hood, with decoder
back LED
GP35 without hood
Installing the white LEDs I cut the light bars. Then I drilled a hole for the head of the LED. I glued it with ACC. Then I cut the legs of the LED and soldered the resistor to one leg.
LEDs, step by step

I've got a soundtraxx DSX decoder an built it to my RDC  WT 11.

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