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The old yard did no longer comply with the requirements of the upcoming Westport Terminal RR. So it had to be rebuilt. The plan:


After completion there will be at the Westport Terminal RR more than 100 turnouts,
In the staging yard: 11 Tillig with Tortoise and 11 scratch build turnouts with manual device.

Harbor Jct.: 5 scratch build turnouts
Third Street Industrial District: 16, apart from 10 with Switchmaster motors
Harbor District: 12 scratch build turnouts with manual device.
Plywood District: 19 Peco-turnouts with manual device.
Westport: 34 turnouts, apart from 13 scratch build turnouts, tlhe remainders Peco; apart from 11 with Tortoise, the other with manual device.

First, after the meeting in Unna the old Westport was only "parked", the staging yard also "daylightened".


Then the new boxes were build:


Here're the boxes provisional placed:


And now the segments are fitted, first the left corner with the following segment:

linke EckeAnschluss

Now comes the radius of the west curve. At 1.5 m radius, this is a very large circle. And for the center of the circle in the middle of the aisle, there was a special structure:



And then rasped ...


Let's start with the first turnout, which is located in the slope. So, I have this turnout not soldered at the benchwork, but on the paper template. First, the ties, then the outer rails, Peco code 83. The center mark of NMRA-Lehre shows on the track midline of the template. This way I can solder the rails. Then comes the heart with the diverging rail. The tip is positioned to NMRA gauge. Both tracks are constantly monitored. Then soldered on the top. Then comes the second frog rail.

SchwellenAussenschienenHerz, erste SchieneHerz feritg

Herz fertigRolltest

The turnout now at a glance, even without throw bar, and a test of its intended spot.


The production of the throw bar based on the old proven method (and a view from below):

Stellschwellevon unten

Now it's about the left throat. And after the construction follows a "standing trial" before the final installation.

tiesalle Weichen gelötet

Now, the turnouts built, but still without power. The west throat of the yard is "ready for operation". So the first train had to arrive and departure.

Erster ZugEinfahrt-Kurve

And so was the obligation, the temporary wires have to go. So power supply cable and soldered and a new image:


And then to the right station tracks. First, with the "circle" the track curve drawing, then the slope in cork:


Another look back at the yard entrance to the left, now also electrically connected. But even without turnout motors.

Weichen geklebtStellprobeWeichenstrasse

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