BLT June 04

update Mar 06

car exchange

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The Westport Terminal RR has got cars from other railroads. And Westport Terminal RR cars run at other trackage. These are all "Private Road Named" cars.


B&O 249 from Bolstown & Oilsmell Ry

B&O 249 comes from the Bolstown & Oilsmell Ry, Netherland. You see the logo!


ECRL 1046

ECRL 1046 comes from the Eastern Countship Rail Lines, Netherland a railraod serving the Butterfly County.The Bolstown & Oilsmell Ry is now a subsidairy of ECRL.


MV 5114

MV 5114 comes from the Midland Valley, NY

SC&T 1956 comes from the Sierra Carson & Truckee RR, CA

CE&W 196 comes from the Charleston, Eagle Ridge & Wheeling RR, now AZ.

CGW 1180

CGW 1180 comes from the Chimera Gorge Western RR, Netherland.



WNR 1603 comes from Washagami & Northland, Canada.

PR&W 3329

PR&W 3329 comes from Poughkeepsie, Ridgewood & Western RR, NY.


EMR 1211 comes from Madison RR, NY

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