BLT Apr 03

update Nov 04

Harbor Jct.

The first train runs over the "door bridge"

running over the mainline

mainline and entrance


A little bit of scenery:

Pictures are linked to a larger view, click on them.

modul onemodul one, back sidemodule one, nearly finished

Working with modules is easy. You have a good accessibility.

corner module, back sidecorner module, scenicked

Here're industries with street trackage. The corner was finished and the module could be installed in its place. You "see" also the tree Kadee magnets, hidden under plaster.

corner module, from abovecorner module

Both modules are bolted together. Scenery goes over the module joints. I do not want to separate these modules. Another case with the module to the right.

both modulesmodules built into placea first train

The aproach track got a holding pin.holding pin
holding pin, track


More than one year later, Harbor District is in service:

(And the holding pin is working)

holding pinholding pin with carsholding pin, big

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