Op Session on Friday, Feb 2, 2007

process of the evening

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Because of shortage of personnel some regular trains were cancelled. But nevertheless quite a few trains rolled, far over 100 cars were moved:

The clock started about 7.30 pm, but only the dispatcher considered it. Everything began in Westport , only Lars had announced themselves for the Third Street District and started there.

1 23 4

Extra 512 arrives in Third Street District with 8 cars. Six cars of it are designated for Third Street District. Harry at the throttle, Björn must walk as conductor.


And the journey continues. At the Plywood Jct. it goes off to the Harbor District. Lars has again free tracks and switches more, expertly supported by good hints of Burkhard.

At the Harbor District arrived switch working starts. In the meantime Reinhard runs transfer #111 with 21 cars from Westport to International Falls, to see on the main track at Harbor Jct..

Extras 512 is on the return trip from Harbor District to Westport with 2 cars and picks up in Third Street District further 7 cars bound for South Jct. Conductor Björn must walk again.

In Westport still one switches. Burkhard took over the role of the Hostler.


And a picture from Harry, you see my at the left background looking at Plywood District;


For the second trick in the afternoon the play repeats itself, with something distributed roles. The in the afternoon Harbor extra comes with 16 cars to Third Street District and runs with the remaining 8 cars to the Harbor District, here at the Plywood Jct.

Here Burkhard runs the transfer #190 with Dolly Sisters and 19 cars to South Jct.

During Harry and its son at Harbor District are busy Burkhard has a Special in the sense. And in Westport one works. The 19 cars transfer of the #191 are to be distributed. Without accidents, Westport Terminal RR has security as a the highest goal.

A very carefully maintained special train of George also showed up.



© Wolfgang Dudler