BLT 1999

update June 03

The "old" room

valid until spring 2003

The layout is a point to point walk around style. In this basement room (5m x 7m; 16.4' x 23') are the heater and water in a corner. The trackplan:

old plan

For a larger trackplan click here (150 KB)

The 4-track stagin South Jct., Winnipeg, Thief River Falls, Emerson Jct. is burdened by dust caused by the heater. To shelter in this area the track and equipment from dust these staging tracks are covered with plexiglass.These covers are 1m (about 3' ) long and are made of three stripes each. I laid the horizontal stripe top down on the table and glued the vertical stripes with Silicone. These covers are slipped over the border of the module. If there should be a derailment (I had no one in this area!) you have only to pick up the cover.

Over view:

International Falls and 3' bridge
International Falls
Third Street District
work desk under South Jct.
South Jct. staging


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