Dec 12, 04

moveable switch stands

Some pictures are linked to a larger view, click on them.        with Details West and more pictures: deutsche Version

The "new" Peco code 83 #6 with Details West switch stand:

At first, the turnout got longer ties:    
This is a Peco code 75 turnout.

This picture shows how I drilled the hole into the plastic part from Central Valley (?) switch stand. I moved the Details West switch stands, too. Look at my album in Railimages or at my German site, the pictures will tell you.

And in motion at my video site.


I sanded this part a little bit where I drilled the tiny hole. This way I got space for the wire.

The first two switch stand were from CVt, I guess. I connected the throw bar with the switch stand linkage with a 0,3mm (0.012'') wire. At the second switch stand, the plastic rod was broken. I replaced it by a 0,7mm (0.03'') wire and a little piece of brass sheet.

The other end from the tiny steel wire was at the throw bar. I drilled a 0.012'' hole and glued there the wire.

Still without target. The switch stand were glued with ACC to the ties.



Last step: the target, pictures are linked to a larger view, click on it.

target lefttarget  straight


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