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Westport Teil 3

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The plan:


Turnout devices

Needed parts:

spring steel wire 0,8mm
brass rod 2,5mm
brass tube 4mm
threaded rod M3
eyelet 3mm
insulating screw joint
switch 1xUM
brass angle
wooden knobs (35mm)

The spring steel wire is angled and soldered to a (unpacked) luster terminal. This throw bar wire is now easy to adjust to the brass rod. The guiding is provided by the eyelets. The switch is actuated with terminals, too. The wooden handle is a knob on the threaded rod fastened. Using brass tube the threaded rod was soldered with the brass rod.


With some "decorations" you see at the end of October 2006 this:


Now, 12 Nov, the right corner part is to be wired, as a glance through the yard shows. And then the turntable is to be installed, together with wiring some power off tracks.. The engine facility should also have switch off tracks. The layover track will be switched off. For the soundloks this is helpful.
And I was tinkering with the operating threshold broken. So I had to install two new ones.

stellschwelleletztes segmentclass tracks

Finished - Golden Spike -

Today, 19 November 2006 you can run around again. The loope is closed again! It still lacks a few industry connections and the facility, but the yard of Westport is operational. Last ride through the old yard was in early June, before the FREMO-Treffen in Unna.

After a few test runs, the first business trip. In the classification yard wait auto carrier to be added. Doubling the yard for long trains is still a must!
And the next train has arrived, with a locomotive of the ECRL. The cars are for the different industrial districts.

approachdoublingdeparturelong trainnext train

The turntable has arrived

Dec 14, 2006
Walthers new 90' turntable is easy to install.

zwei segmente

And the switcher was the first engine to turn.


Next engine was the new FBL-engine of Westport Terminal RR:

FBL 2525



Switching in the yard:

class trackscar cards

and the line to track 6 at Internationl Falls:


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